About Us

AHW Motto: Loving in Giving

AHW Group is a not-for-profit initiative spearheaded by Mr. Paul Raj (pictured), who has been actively involved in charity works in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. Since the group’s formation in 2014, we have been providing a wide variety of support to low-income families and poor communities, regardless of race or religion.

From children’s day carnival to grocery distribution and programmes focused on health, education, and livelihood, we are dedicated to help break the cycle of poverty.

Some of our major projects include the construction of toilets in leprosy and orang asli villages in India and Malaysia, respectively; educational support for orphanage children in India; ration supply to leprosy villages in India and poor communities in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia; and flood relieve help and house construction in India, among others.

As part of our continued quest to impact positively on the welfare of less privileged children and young people, the group is constantly on the look out for worthwhile causes around Asia.

AHW Team:

Chairman: Paul Raj
Vice Chairman: Stephen Raj
Treasurer: Anita Kalandasamy
Sponsorships Coordinator: Kavita Ramu
Events Coordinator: Anne Goswami
Events Coordinator: Anthony Raj
IT Support: Audrey Raj